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Face Forward Navigator is a proven step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to thrive through challenge in precise detail. It shows you exactly what to do to be the cause of your effect and get what you want.

What if  Y.O.U. could innovate out of troubles and get the results you want?

Learn to Thrive in any circumstance! If you want more good in your life right now…

What could you create if Y.O.U. became the cause of your effect?

Face Forward Thrive Path

Thrive Accelerator

Can you imagine that it’s all about Y.O.U.?

Face Forward Y.O.U. is all about YOU – your own uniqueness, the special light only you can shine in this world. We know that you, like an acorn programmed to be a great oak, have innate resources that when actively focused will lead you to step into your brilliance and shine. Our courses help you be the cause of your effect. By instructing you how to follow your natural lines of growth to where you want to be – living your best life now. We know you are a thriver, one who knows obstacles have boundaries that you can navigate to keep reaching for your full potential.
Michele Howe Clarke

Michele Howe Clarke

Award Winning Author

Hello! I am Michele, an award winning author, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. I am also a THRIVER of disfiguring head and neck cancer since 2004. This experience and the journey I took after, led me to Face Forward in a way I never have. I chose to turn towards my best self and face the most troubling circumstance I ever experienced.

During my journey I discovered specific tools and awareness practices that helped me to face forward, survive and ultimately thrive. As a Quantum Success Coaching Acadmeny (QSCA) Certified Life Coach, I have resources for every hard corner to navigate. 

 Each day many people’s lives are devastated by illness, loss of a loved one, divorce and more. Finding the strength to overcome such shattering events can be difficult and feel lonely.

You don’t have to do it alone anymore…  Take my hand and let’s walk this journey together, your best life yet is waiting…


Face Forward Thrive Accelerator

Join THE LIFE RESET Challenge & Learn To:

  • Shift your focus to gain a WHOLE new perspective. You are gonna LOVE the new view, Lady!
  • Unleash your amazing value and worth. This alone will create a reboot that can launch you straight into your DREAM LIFE.
  • Bring it back to you! Shed light on your own uniqueness and watch yourself SHINE brighter than ever.
  • Ignite your life with a VISION that makes you sing. I show you how to create a custom statement that will fuel and ground your entire 5-day process.
  • BONUS – Discover the power of your own Thrive Drive™ (a term I coined to describe the unique inner strength system I discovered that supported me to thrive in my most challenging time). I will share with you the secrets to why this 1 system can transform your mindset FOR-EVA and give you a life-long toolkit to flowing through any life’s challenges gracefully.

Face Forward

Face Forward University Navigator

Find out how to find joy and purpose in your life journey. You can access some powerful tools to get present and appreciative real quick.

Some of the benefits you can expect from this program are:

  • Living authentically – How to create space for your best life
  • Generate power – How to tap into your highest and best self
  • Flip the script – How to reprogram yourself for success
  • Live a preferential experience – How to craft your desirous life
  • Be actively attractive – How wield your power and direct the show