Life with its tenacious spirit will always surprise you.

Not every surprise is a pleasant or easy one, as we all know.

We hope that Face Forward Y.O.U. will be a virtual haven for you…a place where you will learn to allow the wonder of life back into your mind, your heart and your experiences.

Here at Face Forward University our courses are centered around Y.O.U. –

Your own uniqueness.

At Face Forward University it’s about shining your light, getting it lit and keeping it fueled with your passion.

Face Forward University is about shoring up your confidence, giving yourself permission to take a risk, to be more fully yourself.

Here, it’s about beating the odds, not being a statistic, and filling into your life what has been missing.

Here at Face Forward Y.O.U. we believe that each of us possesses an innate growth instinct that we call the thrive drive.  We offer different coaching programs that are designed to facilitate the development of your own natural lines of growth.

Face Forward Y.O.U. is all about Y.O.U.: your own uniqueness, your special gift – you realizing your potential, deciding your choice and living your life by your terms…no regrets. At

At Face Forward Y.O.U. we practice building faith, just like muscle, through use we grow strong in faith. Faith in a positive outcome, faith in you. At

At Face Forward Y.O.U. our sole purpose is to help you reach for the best expression of the wonder of you.

  • Are you ready to thrive?
  • Do you want to build faith in a bright future?

We invite you to join us in actively seeking growth and empowerment through the information, programs and community of thrivers here at Face Forward Y.O.U. Come on in and take a load off, fellow voyager. You’re home!

Face Forward Y.O.U. is founded by Michele Howe Clarke.

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