Face Forward Thrive Accelerator

Face Forward Thrive Accelerator

#1: 21 Insights to Thrive Audio Lessons – this triad will harmonize Y.O.U.

#2: 21 Insights to Thrive Book – Make the good flow

#3: Success Journey Book – Get moving toward a bright future

#4: Success Journey Workbook – Innovate out and get what you seek

#5: Mindfulness Meditations – power up your Thrive Drive

BONUS: Thrive 30 day Life Reset Thrive Template (what if you could be an improved Y.O.U. 2.0?)
BONUS: Ticket to Thrive ( I say $19.95 but really priceless as these juicy nuggets saved my life!)
BONUS: Goal Stroll (really what is attaining a goal worth to you?)
BONUS: Face Forward the personal story: (see how powerful this system really is!)