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The Switch: Step 5

The Switch: Step 5

Step 5:

Appreciate how powerful your language is. Infuse your power in every word that you are able to remind yourself to control. When you can, as you can you will find it grow to more and more. It’s a mastery thing. We’re going to forget, we’re going to remember, and we’re going to remind ourselves to not forget as we begin to practice and really take this life and make it what we want it to be, what we desire.

In a nut shell: you came resourced, you came here to thrive, you came here to really just deal with any obstacle, and any change, you know that universe is expanding therefore change is the constant. It is something that we will always be going through.

Find a strong and powerful ally in your breath is. Your body is on your side. Start by landing in your body and taking that breath in, and understanding that you have the presence of now to act from, not the past, not the future, not the worry, but the reality of right this moment, in this body feet on the ground, butt in seat, feeling the parameters of you, and then using that stillness to make the next decision.

Then I want you to A) Remember who are you embodying, and how can you change that dynamic right now, can you sit up taller, can you relax your face into a gentile grin, can you open those eyes to take in more light, can you breathe like Buddha. Can you walk like you are Grace Kelly. Can you be the best of you expressed in your body right now?

Understanding that by taking your vehicle and using it optimally and really feeling the embodiment of what you’re seeking. You’re magnetizing with a strong vibration magnetic poll to you, you’re creating a strong vibration. And by doing that for 15 seconds consistently you’re actually going to change your vibration rate to a higher one that will make you absolutely feel better quickly.

Really pay attention to how you’re using the word I. Right. Any time you attach yourself to something by saying “I am” of what you are becoming.

When you are using the word I am, you are creating actively for yourself. We say these things so nonchalantly about ourselves like I am so stupid. I am fat, the list goes on and on , we are our own worst critics.

Language is so powerful. Be aware of the I am, what are you I am-ing, and how are you doing it to yourself. Because you are amazing. You are wonderful, you are a gift to this world, and that’s what I want you to be coming from. Say I am courageous. I am strong, I am able, I am capable, right. Use that I am powerfully.

Your brain is programmed to answer questions. The more you’re able to ask yourself better questions, the more you’re going to get better results, because your brain is actually programmed to provide answers.

The powerful leading questions begin with What, How When you say What am I going to do today to have a great day. That is a very powerful place to come from. And if you say How can I have a great day today, that’s another powerful way to engage that wonderful mind of yours. if you have a problem, ask your mind, your brain, how are you going to solve that problem, and prompt yourself to. open up to the possibilities, because every man made object that you see around you, was forged in somebody’s imagination.

Engage that imagination of yours. Start to untap some of that amazing, amazing potential that you have to create in this world. How do you do that? Start with questions like, What if. What if that is possible. What if I were able to create a million dollars this year. What if I could just lose this 100 pounds easily and effortlessly. What if I just decided and acted consistently on an objective and attained it. how about it works. How about my dreams come through. How about that as a question. And wouldn’t it be nicest, wouldn’t it be nicest we’re just in amazing year when everything went your way. Let’s start asking those kind of questions.

Play with language, it is such a powerful medium. Pay attention to limiting words that we use frequently in our vocabulary, right. Those have to, those need to, those must, those should, they’re heavy and they are obligatory. These lack words are forcing to feel constrained when you’re really living the world of choice and option.

Be aware of how often you use those words and your regular language, and listen to others you’ll get to know them too. You’ll understand where the masses are vibrating, we’re vibrating in a need to, have to, should, must world. Most of us are trying, and hoping, and wishing, and wanting.

Use these amazing words. I intend, instead of I need to, I have to, I intend that. I intend that, or I am in the process, or I’m in process of obtaining all that I need to pay my bills, you know. I have decided that this month I will create a new income of XWYZ I am amazing, I am capable, I am doing this.

I want your horizon to be full of your own brightness. I want you to be the sun that rises in your life, and I want you to find the words and the visions that are all your own, so that you always when you look out, you see your point of view, your point of horizon rising up in your future with the greatness that makes your heart soar with enthusiasm and inspiration.

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The Switch: Step 4

The Switch: Step 4

Step 4:

Sometimes stuff happens and we forget we are masters. At these times it is good to lean into the flow and remember are part of a movement and we are creating together. There is a momentum, synergy, a mastermind going on with all people that are ready and willing to flip the switch You’re the part of this wonderful charging energy of people ready to stand in our power and actively create in our lives.

The basics of vibration can be used effectively quickly when you know what you’re working with. Part of your foundational truth is that you came here programmed to thrive through changed. You came equipped to navigate the parameters of obstacles to grow.

Take that first 45 minutes in the morning, and program ourselves for success. And we’re going to talk that last though at night, and we’re going to get all the best of that 8 hours of rest. Resourcing us for the next day, putting us in pocket positive, so that pendulum can swing more quickly back to the positive. Because life is going to consistently throw us obstacles and change. We’re going to be facing change for the rest of our days. Until there are none left.

When you hold the vibration for 15 seconds you change how you feel. And we know that we could wish we want and desire all we want but it’s just how we feel that we’re magnetizing to us, that is what we’re creating in our world. Let’s get powerful.

Think of your mind as made up of 3 parts, your brain, your heart and your guts all have been found to be made of similar gray matter. You think from your guts. You think from your hearts. You think from your brain. Your mind includes your heart, your brain, and your guts.

You came here with the preference system that is constantly being redefined and recreated as we continually prefer attain and prefer again . Your preference system mostly something you feel. What do you know what your hearts desire is or not, you came here programmed for it. Your subconscious working, just as it runs your body, it is always looking for that thing that is your hearts desire in the world.

When you’re so excited about something you are on the vein that leads to heart’s desire. You’re doing something that if you kept doing it in a consistent fashion will help you feel your way to what it is that you came here to be to create and to become y.o.u. fully expressed. Your latent giant is arousing itself.

Our preference system is always defining where we want to be against where we are, right now. When we are moving toward our destination, our heart desire, we feel good. When we are moving away, our body literally get the feeling of lack. We can actually feel we are going upstream from our desire and we feel bad, things feel hard.

You preference system is very simple when you feel good, you’re aligned with your heart’s desire. When you’re not and you’re moving against it, your preference system alerts you with a negative feeling state.

When you’re excited about something, take note and do it again, and rinse and repeat for your lifetime. This is a path that unfolds one step at the time then before you know it, you reach your first of many desired horizons.

Know we’re always bridging to where we want to be. Whenever you get to your destination, you’re going to want to get somewhere else. That is the magic of life, the anticipation of the future. your enthusiasm is an elixir on your journey of life the greatest energizer.

We have established that you came here resourced to grow and express y.o.u. creating your wonderful heart’s desire. In times of doubt take a moment and see yourself for what you really are. Feel yourself held to mother earth, rooted to her by gravity, supported. You are a powerful magnifier drawing to you what it is you seek by telling myself a finer quality story, focusing feelings, embodying our best self now.

Sacred, faith, ritual, ceremony claim these for your self-care and allowing, these will help us get out of our own way. Consider when you leave your house, that you make walking over the threshold sacred ritual as you go through that door allow for untold wonders. And as you move past your doorstep through into the world bless yourself and step forth, embodying your best self. Make that sacred moment of ritualized self-care. Create space for yourself to be what you really are, amazing.

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Positive Momentum

Positive Momentum

Positive Momentum

This powerful toolbox of change technologies that you are creating for yourself fosters positive momentum. A big key to shining y.o.u is to be aware when you’re feeling good. When all of sudden you realize you feel excited and happy like a kid in a candy store. That excitement and happy anticipation is the thread of your something divine and following it you are on the most direct path living the best of your own uniqueness.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Understand our national drives as Maslow describes above (= knowlege) we then can we start to align with them one step at a time we get to where we want to be. We’re bridging where we are to where we want to be. The universe is forever expanding so we will always more choice thus it follows that one we get to where we want to be likely soon we will want to be somewhere else. We’re always bridging between where we are, and where we  want to be. This just goes with the flow and is so amazing and wonderful about life, because anticipation is life’s sweetest elixir.

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Accelerate Reprogramming Efficiency

Accelerate Reprogramming Efficiency

Accelerate Reprogramming Efficiency

Pay attention to your morning routine. That’s first 45 minutes in the morning program your life. You’ll find in that 45 minutes the habits, that create how you are. It’s a default mechanism, so if you’re feeling tired, and you wake up feeling tired, and you just continue to allow that tiredness to come through you that first 45 minutes, you’re probably going to feel pretty tired all the time.

Claim that first 45 minutes, make it a ritualized sacred ceremony dedicated to your best life now. We have so much to do, and it often feels there is hardly enough time to get it all done. Here is a way to start really grab some of that powerful time back and gain Y.O.U. in the process.

In the morning find some time for y.o.u. to be activated and expressed. Time for a mediation to connect inward and then time to move and activate your body, and time to learn or write.15 mins each should do it nicely.

We can reach meditation in different ways. Some of us run, some of us walk, some sing or listen to music, some of us meditate in a lotus position. Some of us do yoga, some of us have a mantra, some focus on breaths flow. There are so many roads to where we feel that one with the world. The goal of meditation to get to that quiet, secret place where we feel that we get it. Right, we feel that we are connected, that we understand what it is all about. We all get meditative in different ways the point is to get there, as often as you can. Particularly in the morning time, so that you can connect with yourself and become conscious of how wonderful you really are.

You are focused on your sacred trinity of mind, body, feelings which strengthens your foundation. This is so powerful. If you start to practice this morning routine consistently going to program yourself powerfully to attract more success.

For me with a disfigured face I have to work these change technologies all the time. When somebody stares at me, or doesn’t want to look at me, or can’t quite make conversation, without looking at a floor, instead of looking at me, I have to reuse every one of these tools to swing myself back to the positive.

The other most powerful change technology to apply to weight your scales to the positive is to program your last thoughts at night. Make a positive ritual of your last 5 minutes before sleep and keep it sacred. You can use them:

  • being grateful
  • write your success of the day
  • envision a shining future
  • focus on questions for highest dream counsel to gain their sage advice
  • pray
  • breathing in all you want and exhaling all you don’t

It’s a way for you to go to sleep for the eight hours, and wake up 33 percent more positive weight on your side. As you control that last thought you’ll sleep on it, and you’ll create on it, and you’ll go deep into the alpha, and your wonderful mind will create solutions for you, and create ways and means for you.

Control that last thought, before bed and that first 45 minutes, and by saying no when you mean no, you’re going to start to swing to the positive about 65 percent faster. We can vibrate higher by our positive thoughts, and making conscious choices. We are working against the current of the masses, the masses are vibrating from a need state vs a choice state so we are going to be pulled by the lower mass vibration.

Always there is the pull back towards the worry, back towards the stress, back towards the lower vibration feelings. As a Master you have your life weighted to the positive so this cushion of above 50 percent, that 33 percent above 50 percent, you’re going to start to feel like, oh, I feel bad, I feel that, I’m choosing to swing back.

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The Basics of Your Operating System

The Basics of Your Operating System

The Basics of Your Operating System

Understand a couple of things about your programmable mind. You have your very own signature brain wave activity, unique to you. It has a rhythm and pattern – and it incorporates Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies at varying levels over the course of a day as your brain modulates them to match your activities.


  • Alertness
  • Concentration
  • Cognition

You are wide-awake, alert. Your mind is sharp, focused. It makes connections quickly, easily and you’re primed to do work that requires your full attention. In the Beta state, neurons fire abundantly, in rapid succession, helping you achieve peak performance. New ideas and solutions to problems flash like lightning into your mind.

Beta waves range between 13-40 HZ. The Beta state is associated with peak concentration, heightened alertness, hand eye coordination and visual acuity.


  • Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Creativity

When you are truly relaxed, your brain activity slows from the rapid patterns of Beta into the more gentle waves of Alpha. Your awareness expands. Fresh creative energy begins to flow. Fears vanish. You experience a liberating sense of peace and well-being.

Alpha waves range between 7-12 HZ. This is a place of deep relaxation, but not quite meditation. In Alpha, we begin to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below our conscious awareness – it is the gateway, the entry point that leads into deeper states of consciousness. Alpha is also the home of the window frequency known as the Schuman Resonance – the resonant frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field.


  • Meditation
  • Intuition
  • Memory

Going deeper into relaxation, you enter the elusive and mysterious Theta state where brain activity slows almost to the point of sleep, but not quite. Theta is the brain state where magic happens in the crucible of your own neurological activity. Theta brings forward heightened receptivity, flashes of dreamlike imagery, inspiration, and your long-forgotten memories. Theta can bring you deep states of meditation. A sensation of “floating”. And, because it is an expansive state, in Theta, you may feel your mind expand beyond the boundaries of your body.

Theta rests directly on the threshold of your subconscious. In biofeedback, it is most commonly associated with the deepest levels of meditation. Theta also plays an important part in behavior modification programs and has been used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Finally, Theta is an ideal state for super-learning, re-programming your mind, dream recall, and self-hypnosis.

Theta waves range between 4-7 HZ. Theta is one of the more elusive and extraordinary realms we can explore. It is also known as the twilight state which we normally only experience fleetingly as we rise up out of the depths of delta upon waking, or drifting off to sleep. In Theta, we are in a waking dream, vivid imagery flashes before the mind’s eye and we are receptive to information beyond our normal conscious awareness. Theta has also been identified as the gateway to learning and memory. Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition and other extrasensory perception skills.


  • Detached Awareness
  • Healing
  • Sleep

Long, slow, undulating. Delta is the slowest of all four brain wave frequencies. Most commonly associated with deep sleep, certain frequencies in the Delta range also trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone so beneficial for healing and regeneration. This is why sleep – deep restorative sleep – the kind that Delta frequencies help induce is so essential to the healing process.

Delta is the brain wave signal of the subconscious, the seat from which intuition arises. That means Delta-based programs are not only an ideal choice for their sleep and deep regeneration potential, but also when you want to access your unconscious activity and help that wellspring of information flow to your conscious mind for clearing and for empowerment. Delta waves range between 0-4 HZ.

One is that, when you’re sleeping you’re a deep mind state where you are very able to be programmed as you allow new information to come in easily bypassing the critical factor. Many times critical factor filters new information or choices out so our subconscious and keep our bodily system running and handle the massive amount of information coming at us every day.

Our body needs to be efficient so it relies on this critical factor to help us not waste time and any deviations from the habituated running program. When we’re in alpha we can bypass the critical factor and get to that programmable mind and put good stuff in it regularly.

You Are Powerful

You Are Powerful

You Are Powerful

What you’ll notice when you land in the now is that the big bad wolf is not here right now. He is in your mind in the future, or he’s coming from the past. But right now it’s pretty calm, it’s pretty OK with your friend breath at your side.

Next time you feel really overwhelmed, panicked or stressed out, take a minute and land in your body feel what is supporting you. Take a moment to exhale and breathe slow and low. You’ll feel that endorphin release immediately. And you’ll say “OK. Let me look at what is possible”.

We become very powerful when we begin to ask who am I embodying in this moment? in this life? It is my choice how I embody this life. Ask yourself “how do I want to live this next minute?”

Do you want to live it like a champion that you know you are or live it frazzled, tired, frustrated, angry. Embody your choice, you’re starting to lead the dance with free will. When you manage your focus, you are demonstrating the highest caliber of exercising your free will. When you start to embody your ideal in how you breathe, in how you sit, in how you speak to people, and how you carry yourself across the floor. This is a powerful way to magnetize the future you desire and bring it physically into the present.

This vibration thing can be very tricky because you can will and want all you till the cows come home but all that matters (literally) is how you feel right now that you are attracting to you tomorrow. The results of tomorrow are created in the way you feel today.

Feeling is a physical thing so again we are go back to your body is on your side, always working for you. This body is just such a useful, useful instrument of life. Because by understanding, that you can embody the future now, by being who you desire in your physicality right now. This will help you feel better and then think better. Then you begin to understand how to feel, vibrate and magnetize the feeling of the future now, by embodying it right now.

We are creating the way. So, this week I want you to feel the world around you. Feel your feet on the ground, feel the air between your fingers as you move your hand through it. Become lovingly aware of your body. Begin to breath in and embody your future desires now.

First remember to exhale before you inhale. Inhale through your nose whenever you can remember. Breathe slow and low. And land in your body. Feel what’s supporting you. Take a second and be thankful for that support. Did you ask for that chair to materialize for you to be able to rest your weight upon? No, but nonetheless it was there for you. This is a great way to begin to appreciate those things that we so frequently take for granted.

And when you begin to breathe slow and low, those endorphins will work with you. You’ll begin to feel the increased energy of taking in more air. Based on big deep exhales we take in more air, you’re detoxify far better because you’re breathing slow and low. Breathing in more air, giving yourself more ignition to light, all of the wonderful food and nutrients.

You can say in your mind when you’re breathing in. I breath in peace, and as you exhale in your mind, you can say “I breathe out toxin, I breathe out anger”, or breathe out whatever negative feeling you want to let go off. Understand of this stuff of life is right there in your breath and you’re working with it. You are powerful.

Feel your life in action, focus on who you’re embodying. Sit as if you were living your best life. Breathe as if everything work the way you wanted it to be. Hold your facial muscles in a form with the grin, and let that pleasure of knowing that you have it all show come through. Move across the room like you were receiving hundreds of compliments, coming at you from every direction. And know that you are supported in this life without even asking for it.

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The Switch: Step 2

The Switch: Step 2

Step 2

We are going to break into a world of power and empower you with a tool that is going to rocket fuel your life. 

During my intense experience with cancer, when I had my head and neck radiation and I was bolted to the table wearing a mask that there was literally bolted into the table, and at that time my face was growing with infection. It was growing through the mask, it was a mash plastic mask. And my face, flesh was coming through the mask. It was 45 minutes a day my mind felt like it was about to shatter in a million directions and never be whole again.

At these critical times when my mind hovered at the edge of an abyss I called upon this tool. that I am about to share with you, that I’m about to empower you to leverage. I called upon my breath. I drew that breath in, and felt the very life of it flow into me. I drew that breath down, and fueled my body with its light. I watched its journey in and out, connecting me to the now. When I was connected I could hear my heart its beat reminded me that I was manifest, right here, right now.

We so take this powerful tool of breath for granted. The stuff of life is in the breath. Life itself is in our breath. Most of us are futile breathers we are breathing shallowly in our upper chest, and quickly. Our lungs are made to hold up to 17 pints of air. Most of us are taking in only 4 to 6 per breath. It’s like trying to ride around in your car with your wheels only 30% full. It would be a waste of time and resources. That’s what we’re doing when we’re not aware of how we’re breathing.

Breath is a mastery thing. You’re going to remember to breath well and likely, you’re going to forget, then you’ll begin to remember to remember, but you’re going to practice for a lifetime.

With your breath, the first thing to know is to breathe well you need to exhale well. See, you can think of good old Darth Vader, Luke, I am your father. Right? Feel that pushing out from the lower stomach, pushing in and allowing that breath to come up from the bottom up. And then when you breath in, to take in the air through your nose and let those nose hairs warm the air, and moisturize the air, and let the nose breathing mechanism pull that air down low.

Now, imagine that your lungs are 2 oxygen tanks, and you’re going to fill those tanks from the bottom up. You’re going to pull that air down low. Do you know your lungs are all the way to your naval?. And that is where you have so much power to breathe more air. Deep diaphragm breathing releases endorphins, which calm you down and simply make you feel good.

When you breathe in your upper chest, you’re actually screaming to your body, fight or flight. You are causing stress upon your body. We are breathing quickly in America. We breathe 13 to 20 times a minute, versus the optimal 4 to 6. We’re stressing ourselves out.

We’re not getting enough of the stuff of life. We learned this breathing less really early in our lives. When we were afraid we would just breath less to feel less. So we started to pattern of breath less feel less, it protected us from our environment.

The problem is we forgot to remind ourselves to start breathing fully again, you know slow and low. Futile breathing just became a habit. This is one of the most exciting habits to unlearn, because of several wonderful, fantastic things our breath does for us.

It is the igniter of your food and water which converts those into energy. It is your number one form of detoxification, about 80% of your toxins are released through breath. Build a relationship with your breath, a repertoire. A bond of deep knowing that you can in any moment become aware of your breath, gently going in and out and be conscious just like that. Conscious fully present in this moment.

You can compound the power of now in your focused breath by feeling your boundaries being supported. Can you feel the floor underneath you or chair supporting you right now? See if you can recognize your body’s edges and actually feel where your body ends and the environment begins. You can land in the now fast when you tactically “get in your skin”.

“The Switch: Step 2” continues tomorrow with “You Are Powerful”. 

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What Are You Embodying?

What Are You Embodying?

What Are You Embodying?

Are you embodying defeat, are you embodying luck, are description of your mind play negative scenarios of doom and gloom over and over again. I want you to know that you have every right, and you have every capability to begin to change that tune to something that makes. I want to dance and sing, this is your life. And you’re on the path of taking it back.

I want you to understand another thing, you are awake. Something roused you from the auto pilot of your life, that many of us are living in. It is such an important task that each one of us has, be you, YOU, your own uniqueness. The light of YOU is needed now more than ever.

So, it’s time to turn on that light, to flip that switch and turn yourself on.

Ask yourself who are you embodying in this moment? Guess what you just made yourself conscious. When you become aware of who you’re embodying, in that moment, you are being in the now.

There really is no future, there is no past, there is only us thinking about the future or thinking about the past. Our point of power lies in this very moment.

A challenge focus point for this week is to own your authentic NO. We have been programmed to live in obligation to others, just kind of part how we were raised in the society. So most of the time we put others before ourselves and when this is not balanced with self care we end up giving ourselves away until we feel there is nothing left. Caring and compassion for others is critical we are now moving, we’re shifting point of power back to ourselves so that we can love care and share with others better. We need now to turn to ourselves, and begin to obligate ourselves to ourselves. Start by owning your authentic no, simply say no when you mean no and yes when you mean yes.

One time at least a day, when you normally would just say, “yeah, OK” to some request of your time and effort; when in your heart it’s a last thing you want to do. Right there in that moment choose to stand in your power and make the switch, and say NO. And know this, NO is a complete sentence. So, you don’t need to explain or excuse your NO, just say NO. You will find that it creates more for yourself. You are beginning to claim back your value that you’re giving away so freely. And you’re going to find yourself with about 33 percent more time to do what you really are here to do, to shine the light of beautiful Y.O.U.

Choose to remember that you came here resourced, I want you to begin to ask specifically for what you need. Not just ask for what you need, help me. I want you to say help me find that brand new red card, or help me buy that brand new red car, or whatever it is that you specifically want. I want you to start to put specifically request out there into the world, because by asking for what you need, low and behold, sometimes you just get it.

So, my friends, we reached the end of this first week. There is so much more to come, take a look at your assignments, it’s a pretty self explanatory journal. And we are going to have so much fun. All the best, keep on shining that beautiful light, and keep on driving.

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The Switch: Step 1

The Switch: Step 1

Step 1

Know this my friends. You came resourced. You came programmed like the seed to adapt and change and be flexible. It’s in your DNA. Rely on that knowledge. You can’t program to grow, to drive, and you can do just that. So, begin to observe, begin to see. On day one I’m going to ask you to see red, a primary color, and then we’re going to take you right through a rainbow, a vision of what nature offers to us, these beautiful colors. And beginning to just accept a color a day.

We live in our minds so much. We forgot this lovely little bodies, that contain all that we are. So, it’s time, time to start to be in that body of yours. Time to start to embody, embody what you desire, because this now moment might not be your dream.

By you embodying your dream, and what that would feel like, to breathe it, to move it, to live in it. You begin to draw your dream to you powerfully, magnetically. But it starts in now. And I want to help give you those tools. In this program we can only do so much, but our goal is to get you started and to be there with you on the continuation journey as you just really keep on revealing and unveiling your amazing greatness. So much good successes coming for you, I’m so excited.

Like a seed you came programmed to be flexible and adoptable in every challenge, in every problem lies an equal or greater opportunity. So, want you to begin to flip the script on problems, I want you to really begin to understand it in every problem. There is a vacuum of opportunity. A literally avoid the opportunity to feel. So, whenever you feel yourself hitting up yourself against the problem, know that it’s avoid of opportunity that you can choose to fill with your greatness and your options, and you’re going to begin to create for yourself actively. And know this about problems.

All obstacles have boundaries, there is the beginning and the end, and you are here programmed to be flexible and adoptable, therefore you can roll around, you can roll through. I mean, think about that carrot, I’m sure you guys have seen it at the supermarket. You know, they bent they literally bent around the rock they kept growing around the obstacle, a bent carrot, but a carrot none the less. You know, I want you to really take on that, that you too can bend and adapt, and navigate perimeters of your boundaries, your obstacles.

So, in observing, you know, who you are embodying, take a moment once a day or as you can, and observe: who am I embodying, how am I walking, how am I breathing right now, how am I holding my body in position right now. As you begin to start to observe that, I want you to do something special, I want you to over stand it, I want you to more than understand it, I want you to over stand it. I want you to look yourself as a non-judgmental witness with compassion in your heart, and meet yourself on your road, meet yourself where you are.

“The Switch: Step 1” will continue tomorrow. 

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Breathing Mechanics

Breathing Mechanics

Breathing Mechanics

Your body has to metabolic pathways ergo tropic mode and that’s the work mode and the vacation mode. The work mode gets a job done burns fat. The vacation mode would rather store fat. We don’t get enough oxygen your body opts for the vacation mode for the sake of energy efficiency.

Your cells than 70% of their time simply maintaining your body, every cell is a full-time processing plant. Be fuel of your body is oxygen. Oxygen is the key ingredient fact water and food need to become energy. Your body can store food and water he can not store oxygen for over a minute. You must continuously supply your body oxygen why not optimize this? Here is a main through fair to generating powerfully.

Your lungs are like tanks that hold the oxygen you inhale and tiny sack like balloons that look like bunches of grapes the alveoli filter oxygen into your bloodstream as they simultaneously suck carbon dioxide out of your blood to be released through your next exhale into the atmosphere.

An opera singer can take in 17 pints of air per breath most of us are only using 20% of that capacity. What are we waiting for let’s breathe people. These capillaries that take oxygen into our body are more abundant in the lower portion of your lungs by your naval. Draw your breath in and down deeply but 1st exhale so your breath has somewhere to go.

Over 70% of your body waste is released through breathing with so much futile breathing toxins accumulate.. The body removes these long term toxins away from major organs and encapsulates them in fat and puts our upper arms, thighs, hips, waist, and butt. What you feel is just plain TIRED, no energy, rather no today…

To add insult to injury, toxins are also acidic so our pH balance goes acidic and we retain water to combat the acidity. We feel and look bloated and the cycle perpetuates. Once you retrain your body to breathe optimally you will slough off this sloth like lethargy.

Retrain your breathing

Feel your diaphragm moving downward on the inhale pull air to lower belly and upward on exhale push air out. Visualize this dome working for you triumphantly.

Let‘s get out of our head and into the present. You can feel the present when you focus on being in your body. When you breathe where is your breath going? Can you envision it moving fluidly and taking maximum benefits. So many of us hate our bodies. Seeing it with varying degrees of disgust and mistrust. Many of us have wished to be in anything but it for years. So we cut off our breath and flee to live out of our heads.

Breathing bridges your body to your mind while simultaneously fueling our imagination. This amazing machine you call your body is continuously striving to be thrive, always cleansing, healing and maintaining it self. If given enough energy it could level out your body weight to your ideal. Breathing puts you back in touch with your body, allowing you to land gracefully into your skin with an newfound/remembered gratitude and tenderness.

You did not come with lungs that hold 17 pints of oxygen to be stingy and only give yourself 20%. It would be like going to the beach with a beach ball with little to no air and trying to enjoy a toss. Breathing provides you coordinates to your inner purpose and wisdom.

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Breathe Through It: Part 2

Breathe Through It: Part 2

Breathe Through It: Part 2

Now when you want to have a second helping or that dessert give yourself the present of a minute of deep belly breathing. Just exhale like Darth Vader and then inhale into your belly filling up to your chest and releasing. Look at a baby sleep and you will see optimum breathing looks like a wave. Rising and falling in and out of the belly by the diaphragm versus the common shoulder up and down, or the shoulders back puffing out of the upper chest.

You will find a compounding effect of breathing deeply for a minute. Your focus will become centered a feeling of peace arises. When you breathe into your belly your nervous system relaxes allowing you to digest better. Upper chest breathing releases adrenaline and slows metabolism as the body preparedness for flight or fight.

If the way you do anything is the way you do everything; or you are what’s on your plate, then  surveying your breathing during the meal will impact your life to no end. You will find that you relax and enjoy the theory and more. Proper breathing releases endorphins, which just plain make you feel good. Another illustration of the compounding effect of good breathing is that if done deeply and rhythmically we become calm allowing our body to regenerate.

As you begin to breathe deeply and slowly more and more often. When you remember to remind yourself not to forget that is. You will begin to get to know your body in a whole new way. You are attuning and aligning with your body, you are listening to its wisdom and feeling grateful for it. It will reveal its great wisdom to you and revolutionize your life. Know when you relax your body rejuvenate and regenerates.

Illustration: Place your left-hand on your chest and your right hand little your belly button now take up breath normally which hand went higher? Focus as you begin to become more adept on pushing that daily breath out as you inhale.

People who don’t get enough oxygen often fight depression. Open your lungs and open your life. Be willing to be willing to trust you are safe to fully feel and live authentically now. Think of your lungs as a gauge of how much you are allowing the full life experience in. If 17 pints of air is your capacity and 4 breaths a minute is possible, how well are you oxygenating your body? Breath is your fastest most effective tool at your disposal, which you can use right now. In way to breath is to trust, build up your breathing and build up your trust that life is working on your behalf.

When you are upset you unconsciously hold your breath just that little bit to slightly decrease your oxygen intake. Thinking back you may remember a time where you held back your tears by holding your breath. When you change your breathing pattern your emotions also change. When you are scared your breathing will be shallow and fast. Even the tiniest increase in stress is reflected in your breathing. Create a rapport with your breathing get to know each other and maximize this relationship it will be one of the most nurturing of your life.

Breathing shallowly does allow us to shut out our feeling but it doesn’t eliminate them just get locked up inside of us causing havoc on the flow of our power. There are so many things that can close down your breathing capacity that the vast majority of us can profoundly improve our oxygen capacity and therefore our very lives.

Do not take oxygen for granted, you see the trends with oxygen pods? That’s because it eliminates toxins, enhances nutrient intake, kills bacteria calms you down, focuses thoughts, boosts your immune system and helps you generate energy.

An example of a great breath would be in wave within elastic flexible rib cage an essential diaphragm doing most of the work and the breath feeling like a 3-D evening out in all directions expanding and blossoming like a flower and there is a sense of calm and the feeling of effortlessness.

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Breathe Through It: Part 1

Breathe Through It: Part 1

Breathe Through It: Part 1

We are born breathing fully, over life we learn to constrict our breathing. When we are upset we hold our breath slightly, when we are feeling better we rarely remind ourselves to begin breathing fully again. So we just continue on with that much less breath capacity. When you breathe fully you can feel fully, when you constrict your breath you are stopping yourself from feeling fully. Many people can stop themselves from crying by holding their breath.

When you’re scared you breathe shallowly and faster therefore taking in less oxygen. When we shut down, our breathing by holding our breath and breathing shallowly, we shutter our feeling. Our feelings are still there but now they are stuffed inside, unexpressed, causing dis-ease.

When we shut down our breathing we not only don’t feel the negative emotions deeply we also prevent ourselves from fully appreciating love and joy. Any change in breathing patterns will affect your emotions. And any mood change is reflected in your breathing. Begin to create a rapport with your breathing, it is your number 1 ally.

Oxygen burns fat. 70% of body wastes are processed through breathing. Our body processes 3 things oxygen food, and liquid. Oxygen provides the fuel that runs our body through oxidation food and liquid are chemically changed into energy. Our best cleansing tool is our breathing.

We must continually provide ourselves with the fresh stream of oxygen. As long as we are breathing well, getting plenty of oxygen, we have the energy to eliminate our toxins. If you’re accumulated a lot of fat it’s an indication that you have not had enough energy to burn off all your toxins. It is good to remember oxygen equals energy.

When you are exercising you are also increasing the rate at which oxygen is delivered to yourself. One of the secret keys to releasing weight in fact is to take in your full oxygen capacity. It is small breathing that has been the systemic causes of a person’s weight problem.

Food is defined as anything your body takes in to maintain life and growth. Think of oxygen as a main food group. It is your fuel to burn your fat. It is the source of all energy. This is your key to turn on the engine of your metabolism.

In general it’s good to breathe through your nose. All those little nose hairs are there to help filter, moisturize and warm the air as it enters your body. Breathing through your nose also helps to rack the oxygen into the lower lobes of the lungs. The lower lobes of the long are in the abdomen area and this area allows for greater oxygen exchange. Breathing can change your body transforming your cells to being fat burning instead of fat storing. As you are always either storing fat or burning fat is important to have the key to turning on your fat burning. When you don’t get enough oxygen because you are not breathing properly the forcing your body to store fat.

Your breath represents your willingness in this life. Open your breath capacity by breathing deeply into your abdomen. The amount of breath you take in represents him out of life you are willing to take. Breathe with gusto enjoy taking all the oxygen available to you. You can develop trust by breathing because reading is all about trust, trusting life is working on your behalf.

Dieters who cut their food intake also risk reducing their basal metabolism, so when they are at rest they are burning less calories than before the food restriction. You must understand that your body is continuously cleaning itself of toxins. If 70% of toxins are released through breathing doesn’t it stand to reason that by focusing on this essential function you can actively optimize your body.

You are changing your body from the inside out by increasing the speed and efficiency that your body is able to release toxins. Conscious breathing will affect all of your body functions. Your metabolism is deeply enhanced by breathing because oxygen is unlocks your higher metabolic rate. Efficiently oxygenating will reprograms your body down to a cellular level. No more counting calories, starting counting your breaths. Try to decrease the number of breaths you take per minute to 5-8 and you will notice a chill-out effect.

Optimize your breathing and allow for faster food processing and more effective body maintenance and improvement. Maximizing your breath you will increase your basal/resting metabolic rate and will help your body to start easily burning fat. The more oxygen you intake, the more heat you create you increase your thermal rate.

Your lungs go lower down your torso than most people think, there is a lot old stale air down there waiting to be exhaled. The easiest way is to constrict your throat when exhaling that helps contract your stomach muscles and pushes out the old musty toxic air.

Check back here tomorrow for “Breathe Through It: Part 2”. 

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Add Breath

Add Breath

Add Breath

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed become aware of your breath, take it in deep, feel the infinite abundance available to you. Realize the most important substance if given freely to you. Allow that life has given you enough oxygen for a lifetime, are you willing to allow that perhaps it has much.

When you feel threatened or stressed, take a breath allow yourself breath in that abundant air. Breathing opens you to life, it turns on the power within you. You breath and sit up straighter, gives room for your heart to expand. Open up, breath and drop your barriers and get out of your own way. When you relax you tap into your power. Take a deep breath release your tension. Now breath in I love you and breath out all is well. If stingy with breath, stingy with life, stingy with feelings. Accept abundance by taking responsibility of your experience. Open yourself to your inner wisdom.

You have an essential and very beneficial tool at your disposal every moment of the day. The power that lies in your breath would astound you. Just by slowing down enough to become aware of your breath can provide a much needed break for your stressed mind and body.

Futile breathing is common, many of us, some say up to 90% in fact, only breeze with a quarter of the oxygen our lungs can hold. And we wonder why we’re so tired? And we question why our cells aren’t functioning at their highest level. We slow down our digestion and increase the release of adrenaline only breathe into our chests we are telling our body to be alert. When we breathe into our bellies we relax and tell our bodies to go off alert in our digestive system works optimally.

How can you tell what kind of breather you are? Feel where you are breathing. When you breathe in deep breath does your chest go out? Do you lift your shoulders and rise up in her chair? Or does your belly move out as you inhale? If your chest pushes out or shoulders lift up then you are breathing inefficiently and you will require more breaths per minute than those who are able to breathe into their full potential.

Think about your abdomen filling up like a balloon so as you sit and you begin to inhale deeply through your nose allow for the breath to fill up your lower abdomen. Air in your belly should move outward as you breathe in and move inward as you breathe out. Focus on your breathing breathe deeply and rhythmically try to exhale a little longer than when you inhale. That’s right, let go of those toxins.

You can actually breathe in different emotions. Giving yourself peace and a smile. Buddhists are known to breathe in peace and breathe out smile. Try it, say to yourself as you breath in “I am calm” and as you breath out “I smile”.

You can use breath as a form of prayer. You can offer it all up as you let out a big sigh. Sighing allows you to release what is pent up. By letting it out you better define your intention by lightening your toxic energy load. Deep breathing soothes you. If you are stressed pause for a moment and notice your breath, is it caught in your chest? If you find you are breathing into your chest you will benefit greatly to do deeper form of breathing. The practice of yoga teaches you to breath deeply into your diaphragm. Your lower belly should move as you breathe not your chest. The practice of taking deep abdominal breaths will calm you in times of stress.

You can increase your metabolism and energy level by doing sets of breath. The formula is simple inhale, hold, exhale. The amount time for each step in the process varies. For example inhale for 5 hold for 20 longer period exhale for 10. There are many formulas try different variables of times. The ratio of 1:4:2 is known to help increase energy and metabolism. The ratio of 4 second inhale, 7 second hold, and 8 second exhale is known to cleanse toxins and aid the body in its constant quest to balance and health.

You can be mindful of your breath and watch it go in and out. Just by being aware that you are nurturing your body just by being. This may bring you a blissful feeling as you become aware that your body is programmed for health. It is able to breathe for you without your conscious thought.

You can breathe life into your body literally. You can breathe into any part of your body that is bothering you. When you pay attention to your breath you will find that you feel safe because breath is life and there is something very nurturing in the act of breathing. Breath aids in all things. It helps you get present quickly.

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Chi Alignment Center

Chi Alignment Center

Chi Alignment Breath is practical mind-body resilience building program. It offers practical breath-based tools that decrease the stress, anxiety and sleep problems that many facing trauma experience.

A cornerstone of the Chi Alignment Breath is the practice, a set of breathing techniques. Through rhythmic breathing patterns, the breath practice brings deep mental and physical relaxation which can reduce symptoms of anxiety, anger, insomnia and depression.

The Chi Alignment Breath builds a framework for resilience and empowerment, and develops self-awareness, connectedness and community, and a positive outlook. The Chi Alignment Breath Workshop allows participants to regain a sense of self-mastery and control because they can self-administer the techniques.

Some of the benefits of Chi Alignment Breath are it:

  • Strengthens the connection with best self
  • Increases oxygenation throughout the body
  • Improves energy levels
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Balances the flow of energy through the body
  • Improves feeling of well being and reduces stress

Chi Alignment Breath draws upon participants existing strengths and wisdom to support them.

So participants can:

  • Reduce worry and anxiety
  • Enhance the awareness of self-sabotaging patterns
  • Get Clear
  • Increase life enjoyment
  • Relieve depressive and negative emotions
  • Improve self-esteem

Some Chi Alignment Breath Exercises

There are so many ways to work with breath. Here are just a few:

  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing is a great way to connect you into the moment. You can follow the breath on its journey through your body. See it entering your nose, moving down your throat into your belly, going deep in your lungs, feeding your body the stuff of life, nourishing you, healing you. Watch it leave, taking with it all your stress, toxins, disease and fear.
  • Become conscious of your breath going in and out. Try to use and feel all of your lungs, from down deep in your belly up to your throat. Breathe in light and move it through your body with your breath.
  • Breathe in and think, “I am calm.” Breathe out and think, “I smile”. Breathe with loved ones of the past and present. You can breathe with your ancestors. Meditate while you walk and mindfully breathe in for a certain number of steps and exhale for the same amount of steps. Walk into the present moment gracefully like a lion or an elephant.
  • Try the chill-out breath. Breathe out and then breathe in for a count of 5 and then breathe out for a count of six. You will find a sense of calm growing.
  • Breathe out the toxins, think Darth Vader, and breathe out all the way. Get the junk out of the bottom of your lungs.
  • Get centered. Try triangular breathing. Simply breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4 and breathe out for a count of 4.
  • Stand in your power. Try square breathing:, just add one more side on your triangle. Breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 4 and hold for count of 4.
  • Breathe out Fear. Breathe in through your nose, “I breathe in Peace.”
  • Breathe out through mouth, “I breathe out Fire.”
  • Connected breathing, when there is no pause between your exhale and your inhale, allows you to access and process stored emotions.
  • Take 10 deep breaths when you want to over eat, it will help you stop the mindless food drive and center on what really matters to you.
  • Feel safe and secure. So Hung loosely interpreted means “My identity is infinite.” Breathe in through your nose “So.” Breathe out through your mouth “Hung.”
  • When you are eating notice how your breathing loosened your abdomen allow for your breast to drop to your belly. You will relax and notice that you eat less.
  • Improve your life simply be conscious of your breathing. Deep breathing releases feel good endorphins.
  • Exhale from the bottom of your lungs by constricting your throat, this will engage your stomach muscles to tighten and help push out old stale air.
  • Get rid of physical breath restrictors: Tight pants, tight bras, shoes that pinch, clothes the bind (girdles, corsets, control top).
  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing multiplies the pace your body can eliminate toxins.
  • Inhale through your nose and have a slack jaw this will help draw oxygen into your lungs lower lobes. Mildly contract stomach muscles at the end of exhale to get rid of older stale air.

 Come back tomorrow and learn why adding breath is so important to your daily life. 

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Go Ask Buddha

Go Ask Buddha

Go Ask Buddha

It was an intense, austere weekend. There were no luxuries at the Buddhist monastery. The weather was cold and rainy. The environment was stripped to the bare basics. We used only what was needed. We took a little less than we would have liked. I had so much respect for the Buddhist sisters who opened their home to me. They lived so simply, it was beautiful and stunning to see. The sisters’ heads were shaved. They wore brown robes. They honored many customs.

We took off our shoes before entering a room. We stopped whatever we were doing when the bells rang, which was hourly. We meditated for hours a day. There was no light discussion. Words were used only when necessary or when it was time to speak freely. Buddhists have a deep love for all living things and are vegetarians. They do not kill or injure living things unnecessarily. It was interesting, in a wonderful way, to watch a room full of monks and sisters scurrying around trying to scoop up a spider. I did not dare move lest I accidentally step on it and kill it.

On our first morning Mother allowed us to visit with her. She had large eyes that glowed with an inner light. She did not seem of this world but rather of light and air. She spoke in a very low, quiet tone. I had to lean forward to hear her. She spoke slowly and directly, “Here we are mindful. We are conscious of our breath going in and out. Breathe in and think, ‘I am calm.’ Breathe out and think, ‘I smile.’

“We invite you out to walk mindfully and we will meditate while we walk. We breathe in for a certain number of steps and exhale for the same amount of steps. We walk into the present moment gracefully like a lion or an elephant.”

“We invite you to meditate with us. We sit very still yet we feel unbound. When we tire of our position we ask Buddha to breathe for us, to sit for us. We then breathe with loved ones of the past and present. You can breathe with your ancestors.”

“We invite you to eat with us mindfully. We do not speak during meals so we can truly praise nature for our food and know how blessed we are. We eat slowly, chewing until the food is liquid in our mouths. We fully enjoy the gift of the cosmos; we taste the sunshine, the rain, the glory of earth’s bounty.”

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