Hi there,

If you want more good in your life right now…

Then please exhale, relax and focus because what I am about to share may well ASTOUND you…

I’m about to expose the magic of YOU and uncover a literal force of nature Your Own Uniqueness.  Its all about YOU and when you get that, well…the sky is the limit. When you align with YOU more and more good comes into your life.

The amazing secret to the Thrive Drive of Y.O.U. that with practice begins to work  AUTOMATICALLY…

  • Without frustration…
  • Without overwhelm…
  • Without worry…

How? Because this one simple system is the missing ingredient to the reaching your goals… It is the piece that puts the whole success puzzle together

This system helped me beat incredible mortal odds to be here with you today and blow the negative statistics away. From the strength you gain from this system you will be equipped to thrive up into a brighter future.

Right now, this may sound brazen but, I am adamant that this powerful technique will work for you, just like it already has for me and so many others! And not just through ‘hope’ or ‘luck’, but through a powerful, proven systematic formula… The missing component to making life what you want.

First you need to recognize something utterly essential

If your life is difficult now please know you’re not to blame and you are not alone.

But if you’re someone who already has consistent, abundance, harmony and happiness you needn’t read on…

Because this communication is SOLEY for those who want to learn the truth about the excellence of Y.O.U.…

And the one amazingly simple method that is finally going to make life work for you instead of against you…

So let me ask you…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could awake every day feeling excited about a bright future you were making real?

What would it be like to walk into any room feeling empowered with grace?

How would you like to feel full of confident motivation?

The secret is in the Thrive Drive of Y.O.U. and its foundational triads. Today, you’re about to discover the key that is finally going to allow you to become the cause of your desired effect.

…No matter what you’re facing, and no matter how difficult things may appear right now.

No Really, Ain’t life a bitch? Well, I made the bitch my girl.  Let me tell you how. I just kept learning, distilling, applying and synthesizing knowledge on creating intended results. It took many years of diligent exploration, practice, writing and teaching to meet the truth of the method dead in the face.

The truth is, your life’s natural bliss has been EVADING you…

Clouded by life events that you naturally reacted to with the tools yielded from your environment.  Over time reacting shadowed out the blissful light of Y.O.U. and life because more like a series of automatic responses.  This revolutionary method will provide The one thing needed to connect ALL the dots… and make Y.O.U. the cause of your amazing effect… This solution helped me thrive disfigured and innovate out of troubles. It allowed me to finally get the RESULTS I was seeking… And finally bring my cause into effect to create the results I want in life. I want to make it clear that this wonderful method is not a tom foolery, it’s not a diversion, it’s certainly not wishful thinking… It is the key to unlocking the marvels of Y.O.U. and a life so sweet you will have to pinch yourself.

And when you use this powerful, practical program, you’ll be able to automate a mechanism of positive results in your life…

You can free yourself from feeling trapped in your circumstance.

And finally, feel that sweet sense of relief as you make great decisions for your future. You will love it when all the goods effects come flowing in.

Because as I mentioned before, this isn’t guesswork, it is the science of Y.O.U.. and once you unlock the seed of your excellence, there is no stopping Y.O.U.

And I want to give you the technical access right now, so you can take the program and start running it for yourself to get incredible outcomes like I did.

Michele Howe Clarke shares her story with authenticity and humor, providing wisdom and insight into how we can grow as individuals when we are faced with life challenges.

Dr. Paoula Lake


Michele Howe ClarkeFirst though, there are a few things you need to know about who I am… And exactly why this great method works so splendidly for anyone who uses it…

My name is Michele Howe Clarke… And what I’m about to tell you is DEEPLY personal, yet it’s the importance of this amazing technology drives me to share the startling results use of this incredible method has created in my life.

So you know…

I wasn’t always good at creating the cause of my effect consistently.

In fact, over 13 years ago I was a young mom with a six-month-old daughter when aggressive facial cancer shattered my perfect investment banker life.  I was broken like Humpty Dumpty. My right facial nerves were removed in hope to see my daughter grow.

If I somehow beat the odds and lived, I would have a paralyzed face forever.

Living with a disfigured face it took away my ability to be egotistical.  I was thrust into a world self-reliance, I began my Face Forward transformational journey

This experience provided me with a hardcore master’s degree in triumph in the face of despair.

Through more than 10,000 hours of study and practice I learned how to consistently:

  • improve perspective and shift limiting beliefs,
  • to live on purpose: to decide and take action and
  • build self-trust and positive expectation
  • to focus power and manifest
  • to celebrate life every day

But most importantly, I and so many others now just plain old Feel Better.

You are here because things will never be the same again and you know it. I must tell you that You have the power to flip the switch and engage your Thrive Drive!, Here you find a blueprint of what to do next to begin your journey of life mastery.

You can reach for relief and end the needless suffering. The key here is that you recognize that you can say YES to “Y.O.U.”.  Your Own Uniqueness is the seed of greatness at birth you came programmed with, the excellence only you can share.

You will build trust in Y.O.U. and enthusiastic faith will bloom as the good you have caused keeps appearing at your door.   All you need do is begin.

This amazing technology is all about Y.O.U.  You cultivating a positive approach in the face of anything life throws at you.

This practice is based on a Thrive Drive of Y.O.U. Foundational Triad: Perception, Preference, and Power.  You will learn to innovate out as you stand in your power decide and take action.

To create a bright future you cannot continue live by default, give yourself directions to your destination now. As an adversity navigator, it is critical that you have a steady stream of motivation and inspiration to keep you up, over and beyond your wildest dreams. As you begin to consistently face forward, innovate out and thrive, you feel better, develop balance and attract more and more good into your life.  As your circumstances improve you gain faith in positive expectations and that is when the fun and excitement really get started!

How much is it worth to experience your amazing value?  You will learn to allow your greatness and reach for relief. 


Begin now to Face Forward, Innovate Out and Thrive!

Listen, I know that sometimes Life can feel so bloody unfair.

No Really, Ain’t life a bitch? Well, I made the bitch my girl.  Let me tell you how. I just kept learning, distilling, applying and synthesizing knowledge on creating intended results. It took many years of diligent exploration, practice, writing and teaching to meet the truth of the method dead in the face.

A drive in me propelled me I knew from deep within that life could work … If only I could do it right.

I know there are many like me. Searching, continuing to look because you know there is somewhere an answer. Perhaps you, like me, are secretly hoping for a miracle… Listen, you are here with me right now because you too inherently know there is a way!  You know that there must be a way to navigate the difficult tides of life, overcome obstacles and thrive. Well, It is time to connect the dots and make it work for Y.O.U.

This could be the moment when everything changes for you.

This simple and effective system will work in ANY situation and its a most vital key to make the law of cause and effect work for YOU…

You can innovate out of problems and create the means to attain your desired ends…

In fact, using the Thrive Drive of Y.O.U. virtually assures success, while not using it practically implies failure….It was exactly why the so many things I tried over the years had never worked for me before…

Using this simple yet powerful key you can connect with the incredible power of Y.O.U. and backed by your Thrive Drive you CAN live a life you love.

Discovering this incredible method is honestly the best thing that could have happened to me.

My award -winning bestselling book Face Forward Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble positively impacted many and led to mass media opportunities.  Over 10,000 hours of study, use and teaching helped me to flourish disfigured and created the means to engage innate thrive resources.

Over the last years, I have honed my Thrive Drive until it really shines a light in my life so I can always find my way. First, I started using it on the little stuff like staying calm in really scary claustrophobic treatments. Then I started using it on the big stuff… like creating the house of my dreams. And I couldn’t believe how things I intended started turning up for me.

Michele Howe Clarke has been a teacher to me for years. She has helped me to identify things that were holding me back, provided unrelenting compassion and support. and challenged me to become better than I thought I could be. She shows us that there is always a way, we just have to open our eyes and open our hearts to that possibility

Jenny Lockheimers

As I continued to beat the odds and experience miracles with an increasing frequency, my trust in the process increased as each tangible result became real in my life.

I have to say sometimes it feels like perhaps there is some magic left in the world. It is amazing how wonderful things feel when you are moving with full faith toward accomplishing a goal.

Listen, This system isn’t for the perfection pursuers or the glass half-emptiers, no; it’s for adversity navigators. An inherent drive propels you to be the cause of your intended effect. Innovating out of troubles will become your expertise. It’s all about Y.O.U, aligning with Your Own Uniqueness, the excellence only you can share. You came programmed like an acorn to be a great oak. This correspondence is reminding you that it’s Time to Thrive!

It will feel great when things that seem like problems now begin to look like exciting opportunities as you gain more thrive drive efficiencies.

One of the best benefits of the Thrive Drive is that it connects you to Your Own Uniqueness’s purpose and meaning. It is time to put back what is missing in your life.

I know for so many people out there, things aren’t easy right now… 

Without the Thrive Drive working on your behalf things can really be difficult and stressful.

There’s just one thing you need to know:

To bring more good into your life, and really start causing the effect you want, you must let go of “have to’s, must’s and should’s”…

This might sound crazy to you right now, especially if you have been raised to believe that life “is what it is”

Yet still, something in you that yearns to come out of this time of change a better version of you…Hope beats in your chest. And you’re here focusing on this message because you know Y.O.U. can.

Look at me, I am living proof that there is not stopping the power of Y.O.U.

I spent years of working this method and it just continues to gain momentum and strength as more and more of what I ask for returns to me. There have been too amazing miracles to deny the force of the Thrive Drive in action.

I can hear you saying, I like the sound of this incredible power of Y.O.U. But how does it work?

Let’s meet Reach, she is showing how once you awaken your Thrive Drive, you can draw many happy returns.  When you awaken your solar plexus and entrain your environment, you begin to be your cause.  To be the cause of your effect you must be from what it is you seek.  To be what you seek you must align with Your Own Uniqueness.

Y.O.U. unlocks your internal compass which leads you to where you want to be.

The trick is to know how to enliven your own uniqueness to a level where you feel it engaged in your life. It has an energy flow that is optimal for you to thrive. Our goal is to automate you being at an optimal set point and consistently sending out the right cause vibration, so you can hold right focus to draw forth the effect you seek.

So that no matter what you are facing, no matter how hard things appear right now, you have the power to focus your cause-effect and improve the circumstance…

When you are aligned with the Thrive Drive of Y.O.U. it acts as a powerful signal drawing to you what you are being the cause of. It is the secret of this technique that entrains your feeling set point higher and higher…so you feel better and better and more good returns to your life.

So when you awaken your solar plexus you can literally magnetize massive transformation and abundance to you.

And today, I’d like to give you direct access to my Thrive Drive Acceleration expertise …

I want to teach you everything you need to know about using your Thrive Drive to automatically raise your positive state every day…

And give you access to the simple emotional technique which enlivens the Thrive Drive to literally give you what you ask… Without struggle!

Ok, you’re saying this sounds good. I can see that there is a simpler way to thrive through a challenge.  But will it work for me?

By introducing you to a simple, shockingly powerful program that for a limited time we have packaged our best practices into one massive bundle to create quantum transformation 

Once your Thrive Drive is Automated you just feel better and everything looks brighter…

You can improve all the aspects of your life, This Face Forward Thrive Accelerator the ultimate jumpstart to more good results in your life.You will learn to build trust in your powers to make your life better.

The Face Forward Thrive Accelerator is a formula designed to elicit immediate real life results… for anyone who uses it.

It is a step-by-step blueprint that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to unlock the powers of Your Thrive Drive, and make living sweet instead of sheer stress and worry.  Your life can still be more than you ever imagined it could!

This program is loaded with simple, practical instructions and ‘quick-hitting techniques’, it is GUARANTEED to entrain your energetic vibration higher… No matter what your life looks like right now.

Michele is inspiring and she gives us cause to celebrate, to always be grateful of life’s circumstances. Let us remember to face forward, indeed

Nadine S. Schneider

Don’t waste another ounce of precious energy on things that don’t work… It is time to THRIVE!


I designed the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator for most efficiency and highest effectiveness.  Here’s What You Will Receive in this specially packaged limited time offering:

  • Great Information bursting full of simple, practical instructions showing you exactly how to use your Thrive Drive to bring more good into your life.
  • Eye-opening ‘quick-hitting techniques’ that will give the Y.O.U. no other choice but to innovate out of your problems.
  • Powerful, in-depth explanations into exactly how to successfully align with the energy of Y.O.U. … Paired with the effective foundational triad that will help you stand steady no matter rough the seas of life get.
  • Leading-edge mind science tools based on solid real life evidence (leave all of the wondering behind and start receiving benefit today!)

The Face Forward Thrive Accelerator is comprised of several Face Forward Programs for faster results.


Valued at $197.95 alone!

Face Forward 21 Insights to Thrive is a step-by-step process that illustrates clearly what you need to do to thrive in any circumstance… So that you can start creating a life by your design.

This methodology has been especially intended to draw out innate resources to help you overcome any problem.

Things will never be the same and you know it. Right about now, having a blueprint of what to do next would be really useful. The good news is now you have one.

You will build trust in yourself, believe you can.

This practice plants the seed of your power that you will nurture and grow.

This practice is based on the Thrive Drive Harmony Triad: Perception, Preference, Power.

  • As you master perception, You will begin to hear and understand the story you have been telling yourself and start to flip the script.
  • With your mastery of preference you will and begin to actively play with your choices.
  • You master your power by taking action to create your aspiration.

Envision this:

  • You have directions to your desired destination and you are getting there
  • As you begin to create intentionally you will attract joy and abundance.
  • You will develop balance and harmony as an anchor state.

You step into the flow of life by reconnecting to your infinite supply of resources.

Valued at $77.95 alone.

Face Forward Success Journey shows you that you can successfully navigate any life struggle. When you are ready to live a happier life unlock the power of Face Forward Success Journey  as a starting point and an inspiration for you.

With Face Forward Success Journey you are:

  • Shining your light, getting it lit and keeping it fueled with passion
  • Suring up your confidence, giving yourself permission
  • Beating the odds, not being a statistic
  • Putting back what is missing in your life
  • Following your natural lines of growth to where you want to be
  • This workbook will help you recover your inspiration and motivation. In this program, I will coach you on everything I know about using your Thrive Drive to maximum effectiveness. I will share how to raise your energy levels with automation, and become a steady cause of your intended effect.

Discover the multiple benefits of Mindfulness Meditation, using this Face Forward Mindfulness Meditations helps to reduce stress levels, improve memory and well-being.

With the help of the Face Forward mindfulness meditations you will

  • Allow your mind to act as your partner in fulfilling your requests
  • Receive the benefit to connecting your infinite storehouse of resources
  • Tap into the source of your solutions and super charge your creativity.

Research shows mindfulness meditations

  • Literally lowers stress
  • Increases signaling connections in the brain
  • Decreases feelings of loneliness
  • Lowers risk of depression
  • Supports weight loss goals
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Assists you in better emotional processing

Here you find the benefits of being a new and improved version of you. Imagine you get all of these benefits from this program at so many different levels – mental emotional physical!

All in all, the individual value of the Face Forward product suite offered in the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator is worth over $300, complete with multiple program support  that is you can fall back on time and time again, gaining in success with each use! With all that’s included here the Manual, Audio, Workbook, Video summary, Mindfulness Meditations… PLUS the incredible ‘Bonuses and Surprise gifts you will receive along your Face Forward, Innovate out & Thrive Sojourn…

This is a system that you can count on and Face Forward Programs have carried a lot of good folk through some really hard times.   You can do it, too!.

This truly is your key to unlocking a life full of good! 

No Matter How Hard Things Are For You Right Now, This System Will Help to Make things Better!


And today, the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator, complete with the Audio, Manual, Workbook, Mindfulness Meditations, is going to cost you less than even HALF of the value of the programs alone… (not to mention the special bonuses and gifts to help you along your transformational journey.

All in all, the individual value of the Face Forward product suite offered in the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator are professionally priced at over $300. But for a limited time, solely because I want to make this program as affordable as possible for everyone that needs it, I have brought the price down to much lower than ¼ …

Today, you will not be paying $300 for Face Forward Thrive Accelerator…

By taking advantage of this incredibly low offer right now, you will get the full Face Forward Thrive Accelerator System for just ONE simple payment, of…

…Just 97!

And you get to become the type of person who lives the good life… starting tonight

I know, I know – it’s a great deal! I look forward to you thanking me later! 

But don’t miss out, because this crazy offer won’t last long!

And just to make it an even easier decision for you to choose to start living your dream life today, not ONLY am I offering new Face Forward clients an over 75% discount

When you order your Face Forward Thrive Accelerator today, you will ALSO receive four exclusive super bonuses that are usually sold separately, for FREE!

(You absolutely can’t afford to miss this!)

All you need to do to secure YOUR copy of the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator and gain INSTANT access to the ultimate suit of Face Forward products TODAY is to click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below.

You will receive ALL of this today for just $97… if you act NOW you also get the

Limited-Time Only Super-Bonuses… Today For FREE!

Super Bonus #1: Face Forward Ticket to Thrive

(Dollar value of $19.95!)

When you are ready to move past your fears and free yourself of negative thinking, you can rely on the Face Forward Ticket to Thrive, Life can be quite challenging sometimes, but with your Ticket to Thrive, you will learn how to turn things into your favor, in order to rediscover your power to bring more good into your life every day.

You have the power within you to turn things around starting right now. You can discover real proven ways to navigate change and succeed. In your Ticket to Thrive you will learn ways to:

  • Experience more peace and calm in the midst of the storms of life
  • Start to feel back in control and navigate obstacles
  • Increase your ability to deal with the craziness of life

Super Bonus #2: Face Forward Goal Stroll

(Dollar value of $19.95 alone)

Regardless of what you are facing you can become a new and improved you.  Live a  happier life, with the help of Face Forward Goal Stroll you can achieve your desire. Using Goal Stroll empowers you with positive thinking and enables you to live a better life.

Discover how to find your safe soothing sanctuary where you can reestablish your connection to your own natural bliss.

Connect to the truth and unlock your ability to apply your innate resources to achieve your objective.

Use the Goal Stroll to

  • Reawaken your ability to appreciate life’s possibility.
  • Build faith in your capability to really get what you want in life.
  • Enter your safe haven and savor your return home.

Super Bonus #3: Face Forward a Personal Story of Triumph

(Retails at $89.95)

Hear  Personal Face Forward story told first hand in the voice of the author, nothing is held back and everything is revealed. Learn firsthand how to thrive.  My story is of a woman who had to face life after disfiguring head and neck cancer and how I can show up every day with my light shining.  I am able to find joy and purpose and you can too, through my traumatic journey you can access some powerful tools to get present and appreciative real quick.

Some of the benefits you can expect from this program are:

  • Living authentically – How to create space for your best life
  • Generate power – How to tap into your highest and best self
  • Flip the script – How to reprogram yourself for success
  • Live a preferential experience – How to craft your desirous life
  • Be actively attractive – How to wield your power and direct the show

Super Bonus #4: 30 Day Life Reset Thrive Template

(Value of $89.95 alone!)

Design a Map to your best life, never feel lost again!

How many of your feel like you are adrift on the sea of life controlled by circumstances?  How would you like a map to get to your goal?’

Now you have just that! With you your Life Reset Template you will create a path to your intentionally attractive life!

Some benefits you can expect are to

  • Create a path to your best life
  • Open up space to be all you can be
  • Feel like you know where you are going
  • Feel connected to what it is all about
  • Feel on purpose and excited

What would you give to always know where you are going and feel sure you will get there?

Add it all up… And that’s over $200 worth of value of bonuses ALONE… Bonuses that you get completely FREE if you sign up for the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator today!

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People have asked me why I’m willing to sell all of this amazing material at such a CRAZY price… and I tell them that the truth is, I want to be able to help as many people as possible who are in the exact same situation I was in.

I KNOW that most people can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars … And I simply did not want money to hold you back from this Vital information that will literally transform your life.


Because I believe in my course so strongly, I want you to feel confident about purchasing Face Forward Thrive Accelerator today, so I have put in a 60-day money back guarantee to ease your mind.

You will get the system for a full 60 days with absolutely no risk to yourself.

You can take it home, test it out, go through the workbook, listen to the audio lessons… and see for yourself the effect it has had on your life… two months down the track. Once you have started using these powerful, life-changing techniques, I’m confident that you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if for some reason you’re not totally delighted with Face Forward Thrive Accelerator and the results you’re getting, rest assured that you won’t be out one cent. Just send me one quick email and I will refund your payment… Right up to the final day of this 60-day guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It really is that simple.

All you have to do to get all of what I’m offering in the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator for just $97 today is to act NOW, and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below. And you can feel completely at ease, knowing that you are protected by my 100% 60-day no-risk guarantee.

You really don’t have ANYTHING to lose… but so very much to gain…


All you need to do to secure YOUR copy of the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator and gain INSTANT access to all Face Forward  products and limited time bonuses TODAY is to click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below.

You will receive ALL of this today for just $97… if you act NOW.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get this amazing technology and start living life on YOUR terms right now, which is why this course is available via instant download!

You’ll get instant access to absolutely everything Face Forward Thrive Accelerator has to offer, so you can get started on learning the incredible techniques that will draw endless good into your life TONIGHT… in the comfort of your own home!

Having Thrive Drive working in you life is not something that will go unnoticed.  Once it is engaged the results can compound in quantum leaps.  Face Forward Thrive Accelerator is not just another guide: It is a proven formula that has been specifically designed to elicit direct, real-life outcomes…

Which means that from the moment you literally have the full Face Forward Thrive Accelerator at your disposal, you are going to have the opportunity to experience a deep positive change within yourself

Why? Because you have just taken action on your own behalf. Good on you. You’ve just taken your first step down the path toward your bright future… Your first step into the life you were truly meant all along to be living.

This is why I have spent so many hours over the past 13 years developing the techniques in the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator into the uniquely powerful blueprint it is today…

And now, with my specially added ‘Mindfulness Meditations’ and Face Forward Workbook, you can get started on making your amazing life transformation happen IMMEDIATELY, with all of the simple, step-by-step instructions that will practically do the work for you.

So by the end of this short, step-by-step journey, I can GUARANTEE that you will be beginning to experience important benefits in your life!

It is impossible to have an encounter with Michele and not feel compelled to do better and be better by the time you walk away. I find her quest for knowledge to be unparalleled and her energy matched by few. Through her own transformation, Michele has taught me that we owe it to ourselves to shed our old habits of self doubt and settling for what is simply comfortable.

Andrea Johnson

I can hear you saying but I’ve tried it all and I am sick and tried!  Will engaging My Thrive Drive Really Work for Me?

Even though this shockingly simple solution may sound mind-boggling right now, I PERSIST that this will create results for you, just like it has already been proven to work for me and so many good people– the effects speak for themselves!

Right about now I know what you may be thinking, because if I was not forced by trauma to believe there was a way I would likely be skeptical too.

No other Thrive expert has the years of true life experience and the undeniable flow of amazing miracles from engaging the Thrive Drive.

Here is just a quick list of some of the miracles have abounded in my life from my Thrive Drive:

  • A main facial nerve regenerated, no really it literally grew back!
  • My eye blinks with no nerve to instruct it, a true mystery to my doctors
  • I speak clearly in instead of the diagnosed drooling and slurring.
  • I gave birth to my 2nd healthy child, my 2nd miracle baby is now 6 years old!
  • I am alive, alive ho! 13 years later after statistically not have had a year
  • My loving marriage that thrived through all this adversity and my disfigurement
  • An Amazon best seller: Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble
  • National author award and teaching opportunities
  • Proud owner of my recovery vision board dream home
  • and many more everyday miracles that abound in my life

What Would It Be Worth To awake to a bright future everyday?

Can you imagine having your life transformed? What would this amazing change be worth to you?

You are just ONE STEP AWAY from bringing on the good! One step away from full access to Y.O.U. when you receive Face Forward Thrive Accelerator, you can begin right away and will start seeing results almost immediately!


It doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now, or how bad things may be for you… You can STILL manifest what you want in life!

Picture this: In just a couple short months from now, you have the increased your ability to enjoy each day with vital energy … And you’re experiencing a positive transformation in EVERY area of your life, like never before. 

You wake up every morning feeling excited and ready for the day.

The shadow of doubt you once had tinting your view on everything is gone… And now you’re able to spend your abundant supply of peace and harmony on the things you actually WANT. So instead of wasting energy wondering, now you are free to decide and choose as you please… because there is finally a real sense of balance.

You enjoy your time you have never done before all the while knowing that you are creating a brighter tomorrow.  Nothing beats being excited for what the day will bring. Youthful enthusiasm fuels your days and nights, you are feeling happier than you have in years. Fun is just flowing in your life.

Can you IMAGINE living a life like this? Because this CAN become reality for you!

I know what you may be thinking because I found it difficult to accept at first as well… Why should this system work for me when so many have failed before?

Even though this shockingly simple solution may sound unbelievable right now, I am adamant that Face Forward Thrive Accelerator will work for you like no other program has before… And that is all because of Y.O.U. the vital force of  Your Own Uniqueness, the stuff of greatness lives in you.

So what’s the catch? You have to show up and take action on you own behalf! You have to start.  (But don’t be troubled, I will be with you at every step of the path).

Most people never succeed because they never take action. Their fear holds them stuck in “it is as it is”.  Perhaps they fear it is too late or too hard to start.

The thing is, though taking action may feel uncomfortable.  We all know never begun, never done. Once begun, it’s half done! So Begin today, When you awaken your Thrive Drive and you begin to see through a new refined lens, right action becomes automatic and reward will abound.

Look I know you don’t want to be waiting around for months to get results. But fortunately, for a limited time, the specially included the Mindful Mediations 4 pack will give you access to an innovative storehouse of resources and solutions already housed within you. Day by day you will be re-program your inflexible subconscious to allow for more and more possibilities! The great news is the more you use your Thrive Drive the stronger it grows and along with good results showing up in your life every day.

There is truly never going to be a better time to Face Forward, Innovate Out and Thrive.  A bright future awaits you by living a now you really appreciate.  Start thriving right now! And remember… Face Forward Thrive Accelerator is COMPLETELY backed by a solid 60-day money back guarantee. So you have absolutely nothing to fret about!

Here Is The Key You’ve Been Waiting For:

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Face Forward Thrive Accelerator

#1: 21 Insights to Thrive Audio Lessons – this triad will harmonize Y.O.U.#2: 21 Insights to Thrive Book – Make the good flow#3: Success Journey Book – Get moving toward a bright future

#4: Success Journey Workbook – Innovate out and get what you seek

#5: Mindfulness Meditations – power up your Thrive Drive

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BONUS: Thrive 30 day Life Reset Thrive Template (what if you could be an improved Y.O.U. 2.0?) $89.95 Today FREE
BONUS: Ticket to Thrive ( I say $19.95 but really priceless as these juicy nuggets saved my life!) $19.95 Today FREE
BONUS: Goal Stroll (really what is attaining a goal worth to you?) $19.95 Today FREE
BONUS: Face Forward the personal story: (see how powerful this system really is!) $119.70 Today FREE
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(Save $487.55!)

And today, the Face Forward Thrive Accelerator, complete with the Audio, Manual, Workbook, Mindfulness Meditations, Video Tips, 30-day Thrive Life Script Template, Audio Course, (and special gifts along the journey) is going to cost you less than even HALF of the value of the bonuses alone…

Can you imagine having your life transformed? What would this amazing change be worth to you?

You are just ONE STEP AWAY from bringing on the good! One step away from full access to Y.O.U. when you receive Face Forward Thrive Accelerator, you can begin right away and will start seeing results almost immediately!

Michele shares her insightful wisdom and perspective in a totally absorbable way. We can all learn from her powerful story of tragedy to transformation – whether we are faced with a crisis in our lives, or even if we are just having a bad day. Michele provides tools to stay inspired not matter what you face.

Rauscher Markowitz

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  1. The Thrive Drive method has impacted so many positively as you have seennow you have the opportunity to be the next success story!
  2. The honest truth is: If you don’t decide to act and start living life on YOUR terms right now, you might end up like so many that just sat with the lottery ticket mentality, sing chorus with Annie. You don’t want to be one of those filled with regrets about the great opportunities they didn’t take… Do you really want to let that happen? You owe it to yourself to take action right now and not live ANOTHER DAY on anyone’s terms but your own!
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I look forward to getting an email from you, telling me about all of the wonderful good flowing into your life. I’d love to hear your success story!

And finally, let me leave you with some wise words from an unknown great…

“When it is time to ponder, ponder when it is time to act, act”

It’s time to act!

I look forward helping  Y.O.U. shine!

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